On the coattails of social networking

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I’m still puzzling over the new Facebook design. Others have written plenty about the pros and cons of the new format. Here’s an article by Vadim Lavrusik, the journalist program manager at Facebook, that explains how journalists can get the most out of the new tools. I almost stopped reading when he suggested that Facebook can create “an authentic identity that has been molded over time through life experiences, personal interests, and the people we share our lives with.” Authentic? I guess Cheez Whiz is authentic Cheez Whiz. I’m annoyed but resigned to having to learn how to use the new gimmicks and setting up lists and so forth. Just as soon as I find time.

Twitter is also a mixed bag of time wasters and meaningful information. Scrolling through my feed this morning, I noticed this link to a list of “50 addictive Twitter feeds for bookworms.” The article lists popular authors, book lovers, and news sources about books that can help you find something interesting to follow. If your goal is to garner and maintain your own followers, here’s an article about how to reduce the chances of being unfollowed.

For another sort of online community, a new online bookstore, The Lit Pub, aims to fulfill the functions of a local bookseller: curating the inventory, providing a community among customers, and supporting independent presses. The founder, Molly Gaudry, doesn’t rule out expanding into a brick-and-mortar location at some point. How retro!