Cool news for narrative nonfiction nerds

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A new website launches today for fans of narrative nonfiction. offers free access to a searchable database of articles sorted by author, topic, or keyword. The object of the site is to introduce readers to more authors based on their preferences, and to interest them in purchasing relevant Byliner Originals, tablet-format narratives that can be read in a single sitting. Author profiles and pictures are also posted at no charge to the author. The site uses Twitter, Facebook, and/or an internal sharing network to encourage social networking among readers as well as authors.

Lois Becket explains more about how the site works and the intentions of its founder, John Tayman:

Tayman is a long-form true believer. Like other journalists in the industry, he’s seen the evidence that there is a strong web readership for new long-form stories. But he also seems to think the appetite for long-form is great enough to support a great Palace of Nonfiction Culture, featuring stories  from 1816 onwards.

The site has amassed an impressive array of nearly 30,000 articles (actually significant excerpts with links to full articles), some of which can only be reached through a publisher’s paywall, but many of which are free.  Try it out—pick any author you like, and see which articles and further suggestions emerge for you. Get back to us in about an hour.