Friday miscellany

Friday, July 8, 2011

Thomas Larson has released a book of four essays on memoir for $2.99 on Kindle. According to Brevity:

It offers more of Tom Larson’s intelligent, accessible insight and close-reading of essayists and memoirists.  It is the latter that makes Larson’s writing so valuable.  No platitudes or pronouncements, but instead practical, meticulous examination of what works on the page.

Brevity will post follow-up from Larson about the e-book publication process in about a month.

Dwell is compiling a map of indie bookstores across the US. Contribute your favorites, and use it as a reference when you’re out and about in the country.

Poet Gabriel Gadfly discusses the popularity of Tumblr for bloggers, particularly for posting and re-posting poetry, and gives some reassurance on copyright concerns:

In two years of sharing my poetry online--over 300 poems--my poems have been reposted on literally hundreds of Wordpress, Blogspot, and Tumblr accounts. 95% of the people who have ever reposted one of my poems included a proper attribution. The remaining 5% usually just forgot, and a quick polite message is all it takes to get them to edit their post and correct the oversight.

He also gives some instructions on how to use tags and the share button on Tumblr.

Read the new issue of TriQuarterly on Monday!

Still Life with Bird's Nest, Vincent Van Gogh, 1885