Friday, July 15, 2016

For Darrel Alejandro Holnes


The motorcycle I ride only turns left
When you go west I have to bear right
Such balance is not my forte
I’d rather bait
The wooden escalators at herald square
Until a stiletto sticks
I’m left to limp people think it’s cute
When I’m playing them
When you’re in berlin dancing in the street
Once I was a child facedown in the street
Thrown by a motorcycle that only turns left
A child who carries a knife
Is softened by
The kind who often gets away
We’re the kind who often get away

In hong kong filled with rice wine and in-laws’
Hot pot I dance on their roof strewn
In orchids blue and green the kind of colors
You once said the ancient greeks couldn’t see
Or didn’t have the word for them
Perhaps it’s not the blues I hear then
From this wine-dark south sea
When my phone tweets tweets it’s you
soon I’m in beijing
Let’s meet wherever
Halfway might be

Half my shoes are gone
Got stuck when I was going up
The peak posting love to the future
I have left heels all over hong kong
In the most nonlinear fashion
My bare feet only turn left
My arms and arms of egg tarts
Wrapped in leather scarves wine and gray
Darling why meet halfway let’s go to mars
To cell towers in space and sing are you happy
With your service little miss purple rain
In the clouds let’s rain down magic beans
Upon lotus-eaters who never know
Where they wake
Why tell them anyway
Tomorrow all the mallomars in space
Tomorrow all the mallomars in space
I too have been such foolish things
The one pouring champagne
For all the girls
Circling this world in jetskates
That only careen left
The night we are bobs and weaves
This night facedown in the street
Both merciless
And munificent so yes
Let’s meet in medias res
The place no one thinks to name
Its shape like the great escape
Of steve mcqueen
Athena too will come
She’s going all in for us
In this bike we trust
In these colors we sing
The gods from the machine

Friday, July 15, 2016