Issue 151  Winter/Spring 2017

About this Issue: 

Welcome to TriQuarterly 151. I am excited to present you with this issue of pieces that explore the challenges of living in a world with so much change, fear, and uncertainty.  We open with the video essays “Rendering,” by Allain Daigle, and “Of the Hearts,” by Taney Kurth.  Though very different in both content and form, each explores absence: in Daigle, paragraphs excised from a book's pages; in Kurth, the hole in a baby's heart.  The poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction in this issue also address absence, often turning to self-examination in search of the missing.  In “Hamartia: The Failure to Recognize,” Rachel Toliver realizes her figurative blindness reduces her individual neighbors to mere backdrops in her own life.  Tiffany Austin’s “A South in Sound: Photo Essay” presents a documentary and poetic portrait of the spaces in the Delta, revealing the beauty of land and people.  Whether it is a boy’s curiosity about the fence along a territorial border in Claire Polder’s “The Men on the Fence” or the extreme conditions of an individual life in an ever-changing world in Chelsea Dingman’s poem, “When the World,” the pieces in this issue present many different points of view of changes, both past and present, that the world offers us on personal, societal, and political levels.

I'm also pleased to note that this issue includes a number of unsolicited submissions. We're happy to bring this mix of established and emerging writers to our readers.

Thanks to the contributors, editors, and staff.

I now invite you to enjoy TriQuarterly 151.

Noelle Havens-Afolabi


Managing Editor: Noelle Havens-Afolabi
Assistant Managing Editor:  Carrie Muehle
Faculty Advisor: Susan Harris
Director of Planning: Reginald Gibbons
Film Editor: Kristen Radtke
Fiction Editors:  Carrie Muehle, Marina Mularz, Stephanie Tran
Nonfiction Editor: Martha Holloway
Poetry Editor: Dane Hamann
Social Media Editor:  Ankur Thakkar
Copy Editor:  Lys Ann Weiss
Media Architect: Harlan Wallach
Technical Advisors:  Alex Miner, Rodolfo Vieira, Nick Gertonson

Staff:  Aaron DeLee, Adam Lizakowski, Ahsan Awan, Andrea Garcia, Aram Mrjoian, Bonnie Etherington, Caitlin Sellnow, Dan Fliegel, Devin O'Shea, Emily Barton, Hillary Pelan, Jame Berg, Jen Lawrence, Jennifer Companik, Katie Hartsock, Michi Smith, Marla Weeg, Megan Sullivan, Molly Sprayregen, Myra Thompson, Nathan Renie, Pascale Bishop, Paula Root, Sara Connell, Tara Stringfellow.