while everything falls apart, imagine how you’ll teach your son he is an animal too

Monday, July 16, 2018

as he hugs the dog with his whole body

his weight on top of her not knowing 

his own strength or knowing it

far too well 

as he weaves his arms 

into a snare around her neck to show it

and after he’s thrown all his food 

to the ground or hovered it

right in front of her nose 

he yells no eat no eat iya making the n

in front of her name silent 

because he’s still learning

to speak or already knows silence 

helps her hear the no’s as harsher

already finding it easy 

to claim something as his, my iya, everything 

as not hers or yours and how easy it is 

to learn superiority without being taught it 

or have you been teaching him all along

how easily he loves her and knows too 

he is above that kind of love 

Monday, July 16, 2018