I am always searching for something dark & holy to overcome me

Monday, July 15, 2019
Eternity: you say it is always                         time for blackness. Kali,


Mary, Billie, Birmingham, Charleston.                                  You came


before the light. Before a God particle.                    Before


time began               as our sense of time. Kali,


Mary, Billie, Birmingham, Charleston. Our saints


do not differentiate
between a disease
& a miracle. So neither


do you. Like the Lady
Day to come, you craved


a true love, fidelity
across lives. Kali,


           Mary, Billie, Birmingham, Charleston.         You love


that word: promise. Nine
months is enough to imagine          a future. One moment


is enough to fear                    a revelation. Kali,


Mary, Billie, Birmingham, Charleston. Behind
a pew, fire is a first              witness. You sense


only after the burn. In truth, you had never
been                barren. In your prior
lives, you had Spirit              through you. This life


you never feared a stillbirth
or a miscarriage – unless it was


of justice. Kali, Mary, Billie, Birmingham, Charleston.      You never feared


fires rising from churches, black
bodies blackened.


                                  You think of strange
                       fruit & eerie graves, how
                                  a nation can yet be at war


with a destroyed flag, how               a body
can yet ache to          breathe, how everything


passes through the channels of a woman –


that which is destined to save
or to destroy – sometimes both
in the name of the one


you didn’t even name.


In each life, we all bring a little bit of God
into this world.                      You enter


                       the black night, prepare
yourself as a mother


of the universe.
Monday, July 15, 2019