Apocrypha: i exist in every world

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

at the checkout line. at the seven-eleven.
under the scanner’s rabbit eye. you
call me forth to swallow my core.
you ugly man. you language lecher.
your dumb tongue shucks me numb,
numb. numb inside a fluorescent stripe
is where this world dies. the split of your mouth
& i am river-dye. drown my dress the people’d streets
my body of running water. i hoped knot,
hoped not, knew wood, knew would,
be called, you called, my fall-faul-
not-my-fault. god, register-man, centripetal
slur, you sir my solar sister distant & stark. sinew
starts. goddess is comma’d green. goddess is holding water
spinning me up back to me. shithead man.
you are wrong. i will flee the sea-
way into the sky & gorge. fugitive

comet, impactor, i finger the night,
my chlorophyllic streak. in fact,
secreted dawn. sol i estrophylic gleam.
dyke of the universe.