It's Important I Remember That All I have to Do Is Stay Black and Die―

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

and nothing could come easier.

Even my mama beating the black off me
would only make me blacker: no diggity,

no doubt. And no doubt I've seen rough houses and rough-
housing in my day; I'm no criminal, but I know criminals

is common bio within our rectangular borders,
but they broke law that was already broken to begin with
so what does it even matter.

I admit we've got some kinks to comb out,
but we’re no worse than anybody else is.  

We're for better or worse,
through thick and thin
about our own.

Black love is black magic is something you can't touch;
our natural air might as well be our natural hair.

We get as loud with light about each other
as the moon does on a country night,
talking like the queen's English with its pants sagging,
and I’m no exception to the stereo settings.

I say I'm black and I'm proud with my whole chest,
put an S on my pecs for my dearest peoples―
joy in a bold typeface body language.

This is my house, my yard, my rules:
I ain’t turning down the music for nobody.

Y’all been sleeping too cozy around here anyway.
Don’t say we’re disturbing the peace
when you can’t even define what peace is:

anything done at my expense
you’re damn well going to pay me for.

As handsomely as I am.