About the Program

MA and MFA in Creative Writing

Northwestern's MA/MFA in Creative Writing program is one of few part-time graduate writing programs in the country. Classes are held in the evening, on both the Chicago and Evanston campuses, to allow students to work during the day. Students focus on fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry in a workshop environment. They work closely with the program's faculty, who help them recognize and address the strengths and weaknesses in their writing.

Recent and continuing faculty include:
Brian Bouldrey
Janet Burroway
Sheila Donohue
Stuart Dybek
Gina Frangello (TQO)
Reginald Gibbons (co-director)
Susan Harris (TQO)
Aleksandar Hemon
John Keene
Mary Kinzie
Alex Kotlowitz
Michael McColly
Simone Muench
Ed Roberson
Patrick Somerville
Ellen Placey Wadey
S.L. Wisenberg (co-director)

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