Catching up with Monday

Monday, June 6, 2011

First, I have a couple tangents related to my thoughts about Wikipedia last week.

  • Surely The Atlantic would not condone false information, as they publish a first draft of Longfellow’s poem on the aforenamed rider.

Tech stuff:

  • A student at a community college in California has filed a grievance with the school alleging unfair added fees for access to e-textbooks. I think new media create new questions that should be debated.
  • This blog post about using Twitter’s Retweet button versus typing “RT” interests me because it emphasizes how new rules of social media etiquette and savvy change so rapidly.
  • Take a breath. Take another one. There’s an app to help you stop multitasking all day, called “The Mindfulness App.”

Finally, a friend writes that he’s putting off reading The Pale King, in part because, “I'm somewhat ambivalent about reading it since it will be a tough read and a long sad goodbye.” For any who want company, here’s much more to read on David Foster Wallace at The Quarterly Conversation.