More celebration of Black History Month

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Marita Golden, co-founder and president emeritus of the Hurston/Wright Foundation, interviews African American authors on “the power of reading and writing in their lives.” From Edwidge Danticat:

I believe that it's the duty of every truly free citizen to read, especially to read beyond your borders, to read and read extensively. Writing is our footmark in the world.

In another creative tribute, the Brooklyn Museum features an exhibit by artist Lorna Simpson. Simpson has gathered old, unidentified photographs of African Americans, and some of Caribbean descent. In one set, she has juxtaposed photos of herself mimicking the pose of the original photo. In another set, she shows photo booth portraits that could have served as postcards, testaments to migration. The fusion of old and new, as well as the unknown, results in a new personal narrative that the viewer creates. Watch a video and further discussion here.