Four seasons and puss: a love poem

Monday, July 5, 2010

Lovers who say “you are everything to me”
aren’t thinking puss electroshock you are
caravan puss electroshock deaf dog
contrail the orange November leaves
of pear trees instant butterscotch 
pudding meant summer which you are also
winter’s first snow when I see you
being you again after not seeing you
a while being you and there you are
all you shaped and it’s like the first time
this has happened since the last time
or what others call yesterday and I
am relieved of burdens nameless and named
by simple white floating simple cold
against eyes tongue face as breath
scarves away as the first snow
gentles as the last snow drags its shit-
kissed carcass to die beautifully back
to drip to water you are everything
to me the sticks the dirt left in the road
the road the map thrown out the window
the window thrown out the door my favorite
my only harbinger of spring after you
is spring 

Thursday, July 1, 2010