My Nymphomaniac

Monday, January 10, 2011

Once when I was too young to know any god
damn thing about women I stood in the
alley with one Karen Mendez who
told me she was a nympho and who said she
had a rubber, neither of which I could
identify but I could tell from the
way her eyes lit up in the dark alley
and the way she moved her thirteen-year-old
body in the fractured light that came to
us there that something important was
about to happen then she reached her long
fingers under the legs of my shorts and
found me so my legs straightened out on their
own as if I were at attention then
she kissed my mouth so I couldn’t breathe my
god and she pulled her own shorts off and tried
to climb up on top of me there in the
alley and I began to think that I’d
made a mistake and set myself up for
some trouble as the alley closed in on
us like night and she rubbed against me
in a rhythm I remembered from some other
time and place and I could hear voices from the
corner where my pals hung out whom I longed
for and I could hear music from someone’s
record player leak out into the night
sky and seem to settle there for a moment
and then disappear.

Saturday, January 1, 2011