About Issue 140

Welcome to the third issue of TriQuarterly Online. In the year since we launched, we've attracted an enthusiastic audience from around the world, and can boast visitors from over a hundred countries on six continents. In this and every issue you'll find outstanding new fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry, plus book reviews, interviews, commentary, and a lively blog. The electronic format also allows us to present work from TriQuarterly's extensive print archives. We look forward to receiving your comments and responses at triquarterlyonline@northwestern.edu.

Managing Editor: Beth Herbert
Faculty Advisor: Susan Harris
Copy Editor: Ruth Goring
Graduate Fellow: Ari Bookman

Book Review Editors: Charles Berret, Tal Rosenberg
Assistant Book Review Editors: Leigh Arber, Karen Zemanick
Fiction Editors: Danielle Burhop, Schuyler Dickson, Tedd Hawks, Sarah Kalsbeek, Ankur Thakkar, Stephanie Tran
Nonfiction Editors: Sarah Hollenbeck, Dana Norris
Poetry Editor: Lana Rakhman
Art Editor: Tien (Mimi) Nguyen

Staff: Melissa Ackerman, Nataly Arber, Emily Ayshford, Rebecca Bald, Alex Bergstrom, Matthew Carmichael, Jen Companik, Katherine Defliese, Vincent Francone, Cathy Gao, Barbara Ghoshal, Katharine Gingrich, Dane Hamann , Noelle Havens, Russ Hicks, Adam Kovac, Jen Lawrence, Sambath Meas, Kevin McFarland, Amanda Morris, Anthony Opal, Hana Park, Lydia Pudzianowski, Mark Rentfro, Paula Root, Daniel Schuld, Virginia Smith, Leah Strauss, Megan Sullivan, Amanda Tague, Elizabeth Winkowski, Whitney Youngs, Matt Zucker

Friday, July 1, 2011