George H. Gurley

George H. Gurley wrote a general interest column for the Kansas City Star three times a week for ten years and was the book review editor for a number of years. He later wrote a regular column for the Lawrence, Kansas Journal World. He has two books of poetry (Home Movies, Raindust Press and Fugues in the Plumbing, BkMk Press and a collection of columns with Peter Simpson (Press Box and City Room, BkMk Press). His poems and short stories have appeared in literary magazines such as Poetry and New Letters. Two of his plays (Cures and Indian Givers) were produced by Park College, both directed by Pulitzer Prize winner, Charles Gordone. Cures won the Missouri Arts Council's playwriting contest. His book reviews have appeared in the Wall Street Journal. He lives on a farm in rural Douglas County, Kansas where he and his wife have been restoring native Tall Grass prairie.